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Xanth / Oct 11, 2016

After some close attempts on Cenarius the team managed to down the boss in a close attempt firmly maintaining our spot in the top 100.Around two hours later we killed Xavius after 16 pulls. It's been a really quick tier, I think we'd agree it's be...

Xanth / Oct 05, 2016

After a creative 24 hours from the roster working on squeezing out every extra bit of DPS - we finally cleaned up Il'gynoth inside one heart phase. We're all looking forward to the re-kill next week where we're forced into two phases, for reasons....

Xanth / Oct 04, 2016

Not a lot to say about the earlier bosses in this tier, they seem to be dropping rather quickly. This was another sub-10 pull kill, although the portal mechanic was a refreshing change from the usual mechanics.Hopefully Ilgynoth proves to be a mor...

Xanth / Oct 03, 2016

After some pretty close wipes (0.6%) we finally managed to kill the bear. The fight seems reasonably well tuned and proved to be slightly more challenging than the previous ones.

Xanth / Oct 03, 2016

Another pretty simple boss, mostly down to add handling and dealing with the adds properly.We secured the #1 speed ranking in the world which is a pretty impressive feat given people are actively trying to kill the boss and not zerg it in 40 secon...

Xanth / Oct 03, 2016

A pretty strong start to the expansion from the new roster, although admittedly we killed it in five attempts so we left this boss feeling pretty untested.We're all looking forward to the encounters ahead!

Enskog / Nov 04, 2015

We are glad to finally announce the full clear of this expansion's raiding content.We achieved a good rank with our 3 days raiding schedule and having to spend more time on roster changes than the actual encounter, we are happy with final results!...

Xanth / Sep 14, 2015

A boss you can really see the progression on after a lot of attempts; once we started consistently hitting phase 3 and Edgey decided to die - we thought we'd just kill the boss and have done with it. Even though some people are fucking useless.